Airstream trailer parked on the roadside in a Saguaro Cactus forest


  • ABC Post 19: Laundry Woes, Biting Ants, and Toilet Paper Thieves
    Since we arrived in the Houston area in February of this year, we have stayed at 4 different RV parks. I am recounting the most notable details of two of them in this post. When we arrived at the first RV park, we were given a page of rules and policies, many of which ended […]
  • ABC Post 14: Quakehold Museum Putty—The Unsung Hero Behind RV Decor
    I started writing this post as a list of interesting or unexpected essentials for RV living. It turns out I had a lot to say about museum putty, so that’s what this is about. I saw museum putty listed as an RV-ing essential so early in our RV experience that I bought it at the […]
  • ABC Post 9: The Problem With Fragrance
    Recently, Matt and I have been looking for a house to buy. An unexpected wrinkle in this process is the popularity of using scented oil plug-ins and other artificial fragrances to scent homes that are being shown. Our realtor has told us that adding a fragrance is a common recommendation realtors make to clients who […]

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